MegaMind Design

During the design phase, we work closely with our clients, incorporating their ideas, desires, and vision into a cohesive construction plan.

MEGAMIND provides in-house design services as part of our design/build process. In some instances, we engage third-party partners to assist with complex architectural, engineering or interior design services, under our direction and oversight. We also maintain a network of trusted suppliers who are available to assist our clients with finish and fixture selections.

Design requirements vary by project, but typically include the following key elements: Site Inspections, Feasibility Studies, Preparation of Written Plans and Specifications (floor plans, elevation drawings, 3D renderings), and Budget Preparation / Quoting. Read more about our design process below.

MEGAMIND Design Process


Preliminary Site Inspection

At the outset of every project, we gather information about the existing structure, including conditions, dimensions, and finish types, as well as information related to existing electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems. This work includes digital photographs of the existing areas to be affected by the proposed project.


Preliminary Feasibility Study

After the preliminary site inspection, we conduct a preliminary evaluation of the project to identify potential concerns with building code compliance and/or constructability. We also consider the logistics of working on the project.


Conceptual Design

The conceptual design phase involves creation of a preliminary floor plan, as well as elevation views and 3D renderings as needed to communicate the design concept to our client. The client reviews the preliminary plan and provides feedback to assist the design team in finalizing the plans and developing a budget.


Prelim Specs & Cost Estimate

During this phase, we prepare written specifications and a cost estimate for the conceptual design, including detailed descriptions of all work to be included in the project. The cost estimate includes budget allowances for any fixtures or materials our client has not yet selected or confirmed.


Client Review Meeting

The client review meeting is where all of the design details, documents, product specifications, cost estimates, and project feasibility analysis are presented to the client for their review and acceptance. The review meeting can be done in-person, over the phone, or by electronic communication.


Final Design and Specifications

After the client review meeting, we prepare a final design with specifications and a cost estimate incorporating information gathered during the client review meeting. The final design is used as a basis for preparation of detailed construction plans and permit submittals upon client approval.